If these walls could talk, they'd offer to pour you a cold one

A restaurant brewery is sure to attract a crowd, but things get tricky when it’s hidden behind a wall. Unless, of course, you turn that wall into something equally dramatic and enticing.

The Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, Calif., built a state-of-the- art brewery as the centerpiece of its $8 million expansion project in 2010. The casino already had a concert hall, and they decided to add two restaurants and a brewery on the ground floor, replacing the showroom. There aren’t any windows in the space (it’s an amphitheater, after all) so Interior Designer Amy Turner of MBA Reno Architecture & Interior Design came up with a unique way of giving patrons a panoramic view of the beer-making process going on behind the wall. She engaged MDC, a leading U.S. source of commercial wall designs and coatings, to create a graphic mural of brewery images that’s 65 feet wide and 18 feet high. In other words, it catches the eye of everyone who walks in the door, which makes it not only a stunning piece of art but also a great advertisement.

“We wanted to show people that there was something going on behind this huge wall,” Turner explains.

We knew we had an opportunity to make a big impact, but we also needed to keep costs down.”

The MDC mural does both. The custom artwork is a digital reproduction of several photographs, applied to the wall as a mural.

MDC introduced digital imaging as an interior design solution more than 10 years ago. Today, MDC is the leading expert in creating custom art that can transform an ordinary surface into a unique reflection of a company’s brand image.

The installation of the digital mural at the Feather Falls Indian Casino was completed in a matter of days, although the process of choosing the photos and colors required time and careful deliberation.

“We started out with the concept of showing brew kegs and related items, and from there sprouted the idea of showing historical images,” Amy says. “We found the photos we wanted and we were able to secure the copyrights, but our challenge was stretching the images to the size we needed without making them look pixelated.” Amy’s MDC account executive explains that there weren’t many images available that would stretch to fit the large space in the old-time Bavarian brew theme. As a solution, MDC suggested using several images from Amy’s selections to create one large collage of images.

With Amy leading the design direction, MDC’s expert digital team was able to produce an amazing mural that stretches 65 feet long on a curved wall. As you might expect, installation was challenging. To ensure flawless execution, MDC engaged Gary Thomas from Star Wallcovering. He visited the job site several times and provided MDC with detailed measurements and an installer’s perspective on how to produce the mural. This kind of collaboration is a sure path to success.

Amy credits MDC’s team with installing it expertly, which she says makes all the difference.

The result is a mural that is so lifelike, it practically looks real. After it was installed, Amy trimmed it out with some millwork and otherwise let the wall speak for itself. “You almost feel like you’re seeing into an old-time brewery,” Amy says. “It adds a lot to the atmosphere, which we designed to have a casual, updated vintage look.” The space is transitional and comfortable, with a mix of metals and warm tones. And a wall that invites you to sit down for a freshly brewed mug of beer.


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