“MDC Wallcoverings made this

happen for us. The REcore

product had the recycled

content and the design that the

hotel wanted.”

- Jill Schmitz,

Ramsey Purchasing

  • The OMNOVA Reclamation Program has diverted nearly one ton of used vinyl wallcovering from the hotel during renovation.

  • Ramsey Purchasing selected RECORE wallcovering for its 30 percent recycled content.

  • By smartly pairing reclamation with recycled content, The Portola Hotel is one step closer to LEED Silver.

The Portola Hotel Taps MDC for its Sustainable Wallcoverings and Reclamation Program

Hotel Diverts Waste from Landfills and Contributes to LEED Points

For its recent renovation, the owners of the Portola Hotel & Spa hired a team that was experienced in LEED-quality design and whose design solutions would reflect the needs of the hotel’s environmentally conscious clientele.

According to Sunday Spencer, director of sales and marketing for the Portola Hotel & Spa, LEED certification was both morally driven and a competitive advantage.

“We’re an independent hotel in Monterey County, California, which is a naturally eco- friendly location,” she said. “Many corporations in the Bay Area have fully embraced sustainability and have green travel departments. The majority of our guests have come to expect a certain level of eco-responsibility.”

The lobby of the Portola Hotel reflects the natural landscape of California.

The executive team at the Portola Hotel chose Ramsey Purchasing for the 379-room renovation due to the company’s previous experience with sustainable projects, and put them in charge of buying materials that would contribute toward a LEED Silver certification.

The diversion of material from landfills and use of recycled content are two of the factors considered by the LEED point system. One of the biggest contributors to the hotel’s candidacy for certification was the removal and replacement of its wallcoverings. To do this, Ramsey utilized the OMNOVA Wall- covering Reclamation Program offered by MDC Wallcoverings. OMNOVA, the manufacturing mill for MDC, upcycles the reclaimed wallcoverings into new wallcoverings and other building products.

“The Portola Hotel wanted to do everything possible to contribute eco-friendly qualities to the hotel, and we supported their mission to achieve a LEED certification,” said Jennifer Ramsey, principal of Ramsey Purchasing. “Our client was pleased with the product because the materials and process reflected their philosophy.”

Portola room

The reclamation program works in conjunction with RECORE, a recycled wall technology made with 30 percent recycled content (which includes a minimum of 20 percent post- consumer recycled content). RECORE is featured in Bolta® and Genon® brands and looks, performs and hangs like traditional vinyl wall covering.

The hotel will complete its renovation in the fall of 2010. At that time, it will become the largest participant in the OMNOVA Reclamation Program, which was introduced at GreenBuild 2008. The innovative RECORE product and reclamation program were developed in response to market demand for a more sustainable wallcovering material.

This program diverted nearly a ton

of wallcovering waste that otherwise

would have been destined for a

landfill. The OMNOVA reclamation

program, in conjunction with the

REcore product, will put the hotel

closer to achieving LEED silver


In this case, more than 16,000 square feet of old vinyl wallcovering, weighing approximately 1,600 pounds, was saved from the landfill.

The hotel’s design team collaborated with MDC and OMNOVA to develop a custom taupe-colored, highly textural grasscloth-like wallcovering to reflect the hotel’s coastal, Monterey aesthetic.

The wallcovering made such an impact on the hotel that the pattern is featured as the backdrop on its website.

“MDC Wallcoverings made this happen for us,” said Jill Schmitz of Ramsey Purchasing. “The RECORE product had the recycled con- tent and the design that the hotel wanted.”

REcore Wallcoverings

  • Introduced at GreenBuild 2008
  • Wallcoverings consist of an average of 30% recy- cled content and have been independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to contain a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content
  • Diverts waste from landfills
  • Emits low VOCs, GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
  • Superior life-cycle performance
  • Requires minimal maintenance – stain resistant, washable and scrubbable
  • Recyclable through OMNOVA’s Reclamation Program
  • Can help earn LEED credits, as it is a recycled product (Materials & Resources 4.1 and 4.2)
  • Available in Genon and Bolta wallcovering brands

Ramsey Purchasing

Ramsey Purchasing is a San Francisco–based firm that specializes in purchasing management services and related consulting for the hospitality industry. Ramsey Purchasing assesses the distinctive needs of each project, which includes strategic planning, budgeting, competitive bidding, value engineering, and a foundation of industry sourcing combined to enhance its commitment to exceed client goals, both fiscally and aesthetically.

OMNOVA Solutions

OMNOVA Solutions is an innovator and global provider of emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals and decorative and functional surfaces that are expertly designed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world. OMNOVA is the manufacturer of Bolta and Genon Wallcoverings as well as the developer and exclusive manufacturer of RECORE Recycled Wall Technology – all used in leading commercial environments worldwide.

Harbor View room

MDC Wallcoverings

MDC Wallcoverings, a division of EPKO Industries, Inc., located in Chicago, Illinois, is a leader in the development of eco-friendly wallcoverings, coat- ings and specialty wall products, and a global source for contract wallcoverings. They are the exclusive distributor of Genon and Bolta brands. With a team of professionals committed to con- sulting with customers and their clients, MDC Wallcoverings provides exceptional value, product selections and services.

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