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Hyacinth String

Pattern # PAZ6406

Unique Effects 1

Water Hyacinth is a tall aquatic plant, found abundantly in the Philippines. It is a free-floating perennial plant with dark green, circular leaves attached to a spongy, inflated petiole. Underneath the water is a thick, heavily branched dark fibrous root system. MDC Hyacinth String is composed of 100% natural materials from Water Hyacinth, thread, and paper, crafted with a handloom. The process consists of interlacing threads of yarn, both crosswise and lengthwise, to make the scrollable wallcovering.

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Product Specifications


  • Content: Water Hyacinth
  • Width: 36"
  • Roll Length: 12 yards
  • Backing: Paper
  • Pattern Match: Random non-reversible
  • Fire Rating: Class A


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