Cork is a truly renewable resource. Unlike wood, composite wood products, and paper, no trees are cut down to make cork wallcovering. Cork is made from the bark  of the Cork Oak tree, one third of which is harvested from the tree every 9 years. The unique natural qualities of cork make it not only a great tackable surface, but an effective acoustical finish as well.

Sustainability Specs
MDC 1/4˝ Cork meets many of the key criteria of the organizations that promote and support green building initiatives:

    • FSC Certified
    • LEED

The use of this product in your LEED project can help contribute toward points in the following areas:

MRc4.6 – Low-Emitting Materials – Ceiling and Wall Systems

This product meets the testing and product requirements of the California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for the Testing of Volatile Organic Emissions from Various Sources Using Small-Scale Environmental Chambers,including 2004 Addenda.

MRc6 – Rapidly Renewable Material

Percentage of Rapidly Renewable material content of total product by weight: 100%

MRc7 – FSC Certified Content

Percentage of FSC Certified content of total product by weight: 100%

EQc4.4 – Urea-Formaldehyde

Product contains no added urea-formaldehyde resins

Product Information:

Width: 48”

Order Increments: Sold by the linear foot (4 sq. ft.)

Packaging: Packaged in rolls up to 100’ long

Application: To be used as a tackable, acoustical or decorative surface.

Satin anodized trim available


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