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IdeaPaint™ is one of the most flexible, cost-efficient dry erase surfaces on the market. A single coat transforms any smooth surface into a canvas for innovation and collaboration. Apply to walls, doors, columns and beyond. Available in two formulations engineered to meet your specific needs. IdeaPaint™ CREATE is a durable, low VOC, roller or spray applied commercial-grade formula. CREATE has endless color choices - White, Black and Every Color in Between. IdeaPaint™ PRO is for professional, high-traffic environments that require heavy use. It is the most durable commercial-grade formula, and a proven winner with over 75,000 successful installations. Rethink your space and get creative with IdeaPaint™.

  • LEED Compliant EQ4.2 for Low Emitting Materials - Paints & Coatings
  • GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified
  • No seams, borders, or restrictions on size and placement
  • Single coat application
  • Apply over any smooth surface - revitalize outdated chalkboards & whiteboards
  • Can be painted over at end of life without costly expense and disposal of traditional dry erase surfaces



New life into old classrooms

The swipe of a paintbrush turns outdated materials into modern-day wonders.

It’s hard to believe it could be so simple. One application of dry erase paint from MDC turns even the most ancient of chalkboards into a modern-day teaching tool that makes the smart board look like a seriously overpriced investment. Better still, those old chalkboards are steering clear of the landfill, enabling schools to repurpose materials while conserving limited budget dollars.

One of Chicago’s oldest public schools now looks new inside

Nettelhorst is a neighborhood elementary school in Chicago. It’s one of the oldest public schools in the city, housed in a building that dates back more than 100 years. As you might expect, constant refurbishment is a way of life for Nettelhorst – especially because school administrators place high importance on creating a comfortable, engaging environment that stimulates creativity and imagination. Talk about the perfect place for dry erase from MDC.

Wall-to-wall creativity at a digital marketing agency

The ideas never stop flowing at VML, a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, Mo.  Yet creativity is an unpredictable thing and great ideas have a way of popping up without warning, so the VML staff writes on just about every surface they can find. It could be a scrap of paper, a napkin, a candy wrapper or even a conference room wall.  Fortunately, that wall wipes clean easily, because it’s covered in dry erase paint from MDC.

VML Facilities Manager Paco Laclé was in the process of renovating the firm’s downtown Kansas City building when he heard about MDC's dry erase paint. VML had used another manufacturer at their main building, but they weren’t thrilled with the results because of the elbow grease required to keep it clean.

“We had to get it really wet before wiping it,” Laclé explains. “And if we didn’t clean it well enough, it started to ghost,” he continues, using a term that describes the faint images leftover when a dry erasable surface doesn’t perform as it should. Laclé decided to give MDC’s product a try in the agency’s newly redesigned conference room.  

It took one day to install it, and the result is a floor-to-ceiling brainstorm board that helps promote the free flow of ideas in an atmosphere of boundless creativity.

Laclé says the board cleans easily with the swipe of a dry cloth, and there are no residual images left behind. “We love it.”


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