MDC's Ceramic Paint makes its mark by preventing wheelchairs from doing the same

High durability and scuff resistance keep walls clean

A visitor's impression of a hospital starts in the parking lot. You want your entire property looking its best, from the manicured grounds to the patient rooms. Every image reflects the quality and cleanliness of the facility.

Updates and upkeep make all the difference, according to Elaine Ryan, Director of Materials Management for Whittier Health Network, which owns 13 health care facilities on the East Coast. Ryan sources Whittier's interior design materials directly. She recently changed paint suppliers to reduce the disruption of maintaining clean, attractive walls.

“We had been using a Polymix paint, installed with an airless spray application. It's durable, but the care and maintenance are difficult because of the spraying,” Ryan explains. Whittier's goal is to keep patient rooms full, and re-touching walls with sprayed-on paint interferes with that goal. Ryan asked MDC Account Executive Marilyn Raynard for an alternate recommendation that would be more durable than standard latex, but with good scrubbability. MDC's Ceramic Paint was the answer.

“With Ceramic paint, we don't worry about fumes or VOC levels. It's also faster and easier to apply it, with less setup time because it's not applied as a spray. That means less downtime in our patient rooms,” Ryan says.

Whittier renovated 69 patient rooms at their Oak Knoll Health long-term care facility in Framingham, Mass. The health care organization also used the paint in patient rooms at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford, Mass, where wheelchairs and walkers inflict wall abuse.

“Ceramic paint is a little more durable, but the bigger benefit is scrubbability,” Ryan says. “If you scrub latex paint, you see signs of the scrubbing unless it's a glossy finish. With Ceramics, we have the more attractive look of flat paint but we can scrub it as though it were glossy.” Whittier's Director of Maintenance, Jay Soucey, agrees.

“Clean up is a breeze. The paint can take a lot of abuse, from wheelchairs rubbing up against it to trash cans being bounced off it without leaving a mark, and the marks that do transfer rub right off with just a little soap and water,” Soucey says. Instead of painting a room two or three times a year, he says they're down to just once. And that saves time and resources.

“This paint really works. We'd recommend MDC Ceramic Paint to anyone,” Soucey concludes.


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