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You're just three steps from achieving your perfect vision

Have an amazing idea but unsure how to execute it? That’s what we’re here for. With 20 years of experience defining and implementing digital design solutions, there’s not much we haven’t seen. Our support team will partner with you from concept to installation to ensure that your MDC Studio project is a success.

Determine the location for your project, provide measurements or renderings, and identify the type of application you envision.

Create, source or select an image or illustration. Have an image already? Great! While not every image meets our printing requirements, we’ll work with you get your image or something like it into your final solution.

Looking for an image? Help us understand what you’re looking for and we’ll conduct a search for you and present you with options that meet your needs.

Our creative services team can even develop an original graphic or design for you from scratch.

Together we can perfect your design by adjusting color, layout, texture and scale.

We can add highlights, pull in an accent color from your space’s furniture, or recolor altogether to achieve the ideal look. Take the design from subtle, to dramatic, and back by manipulating layout and scale.

And we’ll help you choose the right substrate and texture to create impact, ensure durability, or both.

Art Guidelines

MDC strives to produce the highest quality digital print in the industry. Large-format digital output has unique requirements for optimal results. These guidelines are provided to help you get the highest quality results without incurring unnecessary costs or delays.
Digital Art Guidelines
We accept art on CD ROM or DVD discs. Files may be sent electronically via e-mail (if under 10MB) or via WeTransfer (see File Transfer Instructions below) if larger. Please include a low-res jpg or pdf of final artwork for preview purposes.

File Preparation
Accepted file formats are as follows:

  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd or .tif)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps)
  • Adobe InDesign (include supporting links and fonts)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) – uncompressed

Other formats may be accepted but could be subject to additional preparation charges.

*Note: Artwork that exceeds the pasteboard dimension in Illustrator can be scaled down. Please indicate scale when submitting art.
**Note: MDC is not responsible for proofreading customer supplied copy

Additional File Requirements
  • Convert fonts to outlines whenever possible – if not please include both screen and printer fonts.
  • Imported art elements should be linked and not embedded. Remember to update all links/paths and supply with the output file.
  • Supply a printed hardcopy or low resolution PDF as a guide/FPO.
  • Please indicate scale at which art file is created.
  • If your design includes a die-line or iCut pattern, please include a printout of PDF with the die-line clearly indicated relative to the image
  • Delete all non-essential layers to reduce file size or unused elements within a layer
  • Include a minimum of 1 inch bleed on all sides of art

File Submission
Please create an art folder as follows
  • Main file in the Main Folder
  • Fonts in Fonts Folder
  • All links of all types in Links Folder
  • Low resolution PDF is in PDF_LoRes Folder
  • Print instructions and applicable job information as a text file
Image Resolution and Color Requirements
  • Ideal resolution should be 50 – 100 ppi/dpi at the final output size. For pieces 48” x 48” or smaller 100 - 200 ppi/dpi is preferred. For best results, all images in your file should be at the same resolution. If you are uncertain about your image resolution, please contact us for a consultation.
  • Keep all images in their original color space – If RGB do not covert to CMYK. If CMYK leave them in their CMYK working color space
  • If creating art, RGB color build for Photoshop and CMYK for Illustrator is preferred
  • Specify all spot colors as Pantone Solid Coated except for Black. Specify Process Black using CMYK values of 30-30-30-100. Black should always be built this way and not RGB.
  • Provide a layered image file if adjustments, including color, may be required
  • Please provide a physical match print if color matching is required. Not all colors can be reproduced exactly with an inkjet CMYK print. We will make every attempt to provide the closest possible match.
  • Metallic colors are not reproducible using CMYK inks
Image Resolution
Raster art - 50-100 ppi (pixels per inch) for output sizes exceeding 48” x 48”. A minimum of 100 ppi for output 48” x 48” or smaller and 200 dpi for output 18” x 18” or smaller.

Please specify both the beginning and ending PMS color of a gradient. Gradients created in a vector format tend to band more than gradients created in Photoshop. Gradients that band the most are those that cover a short tonal range in a long dimension.

Other Considerations

Even extraordinary files have unforeseen issues. For instances, transparency effects may look good on the screen, but can produce unintended consequences when printed at full size. If this does occur, MDC’s Digital team will contact you to discuss possible remedies.

File Transfer Instructions

From any computer:

Go to:

You may be asked to agree to WeTransfer's Terms and Conditions. Please do so.

Click on the "Add Files" button. You can transfer up to 2GB of files at once. If you are transferring multiple files, add each one in turn.

Click on the "Your Email" button and enter your email so we know who sent us the files. In the “Message” box, enter the project name and/or job number.

Click on the "Transfer" button to upload your files.

When the transfer is complete, a notification will be sent to