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Custom graphics on vinyl wall covering

This design firm knows the value of keeping the creative juices flowing. For their Philadelphia office they printed coordinating, city-centric line drawings and inspirational quotes onto wallcovering to add the perfect amount of brain-tickling flair to common areas and meeting rooms, energizing their design teams and fueling great project outcomes for their clients.


Photography on clear acrylic, suspended from the ceiling

Image really is everything. Provocative photography on clear acrylic suspended from the ceiling makes the perfect first impression in this ultra-modern entryway. Application of our advanced printing techniques resulted in just the right amount of light filtering through these precision-cut panels, the result of which is truly breathtaking.


Photo and brand graphics on wallcovering and pressure-sensitive film

Corporate interiors are increasingly important in promoting brand vision and corporate identity. This company used MDC Studio to replicate a vintage photo of their company at its founding onto a focal point mural in its corporate headquarters, covering the door with pressure-sensitive film for a seamless look. They also imagined a branded backdrop, overhang and floor art to frame their front desk. Pressure-sensitive film was again used, this time behind glass, creating an interior experience that is completely unique, and one hundred percent on-brand.


Three-dimensional imagery on wallcovering

This spa begins its mission of relaxation and rejuvenation the moment its customers enter the building with fresh, engaging floor-to-ceiling signage. Our masterful ink layering techniques applied to vinyl wallcovering perfectly produced the designer’s three-dimensional vision of the journey from dazed-to-amazing using floral images in grey and white pigments next to amazing, fully-saturated reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. The finished product is durable, cleanable and can be used to cover all imperfections with no impact to the stunning graphics.


Color photography on ceiling-suspended, back-lit acrylic

Research suggests that patients exposed to nature—even pictures of nature—heal faster, have less stress, and require less pain medication. Of course, many patients are required to spend significant amounts of time on their backs, a fact that did not escape the design team for this innovative heathcare center. With the help of the MDC Digital team, they literally turned the concept of healing through imagery on its head by introducing the restorative healing of the outdoors via backlit acrylic panels, suspended from the ceiling.


Digitally-printed, super-scale art on canvas

When it comes to making a dramatic entrance, this hotel lobby sets the standard with its super-scale digital art on canvas. Designers selected the red botanical from our bank of thousands of images spanning artistic styles and color palettes and then worked with our design team to manipulate the scale. Canvas was selected to carry through the high-end feel of this luxury property. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

Image Sources

Image selection is one of the most critical steps in designing a quality imaging product. While almost any image can be used, MDC has partnered with a number of outside sources to assist with the image search process. In addition, MDC's digital team can help you navigate the copyrights, image use licenses and costs associated with these images.

Henry Domke

With over 2,700 images of streams, woodlands, fields, flowers, trees, birds and other nature, Henry’s work reveals the beauty of life around us. His work is widely known and used by interior designers, architects, art consultants and other healthcare art specifiers. As an artist and author, he is considered an authority on the use of nature art in healthcare and has been featured in several industry publications. Although his art covers many different landscapes across the country, Henry finds much of his inspiration in nature close to home at the Prairie Garden Trust, a public nature garden that his work helps to support in central Missouri. Henry’s images can be sized for small to moderate sized designs, some capable of being used for larger murals. MDC is the exclusive provider of Henry’s work for all wall murals and acrylic panels.

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For over 20 years Panoramic Images has provided the creative community with compelling large-format images of skylines, scenics and international destinations. They exclusively represent the works of over 250 professional photographers, adding over 500-1000 new images per month. Panoramic Images starts with large format original film, or extremely high resolution stitched pro digital camera files, to provide much high resolution files. Fast professional in-house re-scanning from large format original transparencies delivers great big, very sharp files. An excellent source for large/long murals.

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Additional Image Sources

The following websites offer a variety of rights managed and royalty free images that include photo images, illustrations and vector files. Most images can be sized for small to moderate sized murals. Pricing varies with image license type and usage.

The following websites offer a variety of royalty free images that include photo images, illustrations and vector files. Most images can be sized for small to moderate sized murals. Pricing varies with image license type and usage.