Beauty from nature

Nobody does beauty better than Mother Nature. The inherent attractiveness of organic materials coupled with advances in sustainable harvesting and production processes have enabled MDC to deliver a fantastic selection of design solutions composed of bamboo, wood, grass and natural paper

Naturals & Organics


Find serenity and relaxation with the Mayfair Collection of natural interior wall treatments. Each design—from stone textures to stunning textiles, grasses and weaves—has been carefully crafted to evoke nature’s own simple elegance. These high-end wall treatments are ideal for specialty commercial projects. All patterns are crafted on 36” paper backing and meet a Class A fire rating.

Natural Woods

These lustrous, full-size, cloth-backed wood sheets are proof positive that we can satisfy your aesthetic needs while simultaneously protecting our earth. Our production process maximizes yield and eliminate the significant waste associated with harvesting and processing natural wood species.


A combination of metallic foils, natural grasses, linens and paperweaves make this collection as surprising as it is lovely. The rich color palette is, in places, shot through with metallic undertones resulting in a subdued vibrancy and unique allure.


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