Make your space a stunner with a selection from our portfolio of handcrafted and metallic foils. Whether you choose a textured foil or a hand-embellished, raised-print treatment you’re sure to create an environment that commands attention and evokes admiration.



This handcrafted collection’s combination of intriguing techniques and unique embellishments result in a truly special selection of designs. Peruse Averlino and witness a perfect balance between the gild and the lily, manifested in a set of wallcoverings that is truly a feast for the senses.


These handcrafted wall treatments render the look of hand applied plasters, iron gilding, crackled frescos and textured fabrics. They truly harmonize pattern and texture with a quality that stimulates multiple sensory perceptions at once. As these are handcrafted, all patterns can be custom colored to meet your design needs for as little as 30 yards.


Deep texture and warm color selection are the hallmarks of this collection of handcrafted designs. Whether you opt for an embossed metaillic, an embellished simulated plaster, or a combination of the two, you are sure to create an impressive space that evokes opulence and invites conversation.


These luxurious, handcrafted wallcoverings are quite literally a work of art! Catering to a most discriminating clientele, these wallcoverings are custom crafted to each order.


Layered textures and finishes create dimensionality and visual interest in this beautiful collection of handcrafted designs. These patterns rely upon overlay techniques—including authentic crackle—and shimmery highlights to amplify the sophistication and elegance of traditional stripes and damasks.


Mother-of-pearl subtlety meets substantive aesthetics in this collection of handcrafted wallcoverings. A mix of look-at-me filigrees and florals and classic smaller-scale textures create a selection with real depth. Whether you seek to create a focal point or simply set a mood, this shimmering set of designs fills the bill.

Unique Effects

We invite you to experience the beauty of stunning hand laid feather wallcovering. The feathers are just a part of the Unique Effects collection, featuring a vast array of exotic Wallcoverings; Corvo Beads, Sequins, Avalon Glass Beads, Banyai Fabric, Brocade Embroidery, Arabesque Wood, Diamond Strand, Sisal Square, Wood Herringbone. This spectacular product makes any space a showplace.


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