• Uniquely designed sound solution - 0.45 NRC
  • Provides sound absorption as well as sound defraction
  • 9’ long panels ideal for joint-free floor to ceiling applications
  • 12 standard designs
  • Easily installed
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Content 100% Polyester
Acoustic Rating 0.45 NRC
Panel Size / Thickness 4’ x 9’ x ½” / 1220mm x 2745mm x 12mm
Surface Finish Matte
Weight 0.5 lb / ft² / 2.4 kg / m²
Colors 16 standard colors
Application Indoor areas only
Fabrication Utility knife, CNC with oscillating blade, jig saw, or table saw. To be used for cutting around obsticles only. Panel sizing should be handled by the production facility.
Installation Adhere to substrate using Liquid Nails 2000 Fuze it Adhesive.
Available with MDF backer for an additional charge.
Fire Rating In accordance with ASTM-E84, Zintra® Acoustic ½” Panels achieves a Class A Fire Rating
Care Instructions Vacuum to remove dust
Remove spills immediately using a clean damp cloth or with soap and water.
Carpet and fabric cleaners can be used – always test an inconspicuous area first.
Stain repellant coating available for additional protection.


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