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Duratec is the ideal multi-functional wall selection for patients, patrons, and everyone in between. Offering premium cleanability, hassle-free sanitation, and resistance against impact abrasion and general wear-and-tear, Duratec promises a healthy, convenient, and beautiful environment for all.

Duratec Brochure

Transcends Wallcoverings and Rigid Panels Featuring the aesthetics of wallcovering with performance features approaching that of rigid panels.
Resists Scratches & Abrasion Duratec is practically wear proof and stands up to repeated scuffing and abrasion. 10 times heavier than competitor products.
Versatile Installation Installs with clay-based adhesive; removable with little or no wall damage. Can be installed seamlessly under hand rails or full walls with no filler strip needed. Will wrap curved walls and columns.
REPELS STAINS & CHEMICALS Will resist almost all common stains. Resists all alkali and acid-based chemicals, bleach, alcohol and ammonia.
MADE FOR THE WALL. PERFORMS LIKE A FLOOR. Construction is similar to LVT with a proprietary top wear layer.
EASY CARE & MAINTENANCE Most stains are removable with soap and water. Durable enough to withstand full strength bleach for disinfecting healthcare facilities.
WITHSTANDS IMPACT Repeated contact by rolling carts, wheelchairs, housekeeping, or chairs will not do damage.
Weight 38 oz./LYD
Width 50" - 52"
Thickness .035"
Adhesive Heavy Duty Clay
Backing Poly Cotton Drill
Installation Random Reverse
Fire Rating ASTM E-84 Class A
Federal Specifications Meets or exceeds CCC-W-408D for Type II
Durability Semi-Rigid Impact Resistant
Tensile Strength ASTM D-751 200x118 (MD x CD)
Tear Strength ASTM D-1922 3200/3200 (MD x CD)
Impact Resistance ASTM D-5420 135 (lbs. / ft.)
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-1045 Less then .05% (wt. loss %)
Stain & Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308 Meet or exceed


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