Whether you’re working on a new design or a renovation project there’s no substitute for experience when you’re tackling a commercial installation. Our reps are known not only for their extensive product knowledge, but for their exceptional client support as well. Here we’ve tapped into both to put invaluable how-to information and video demonstrations at your fingertips.

Our GREEN Story

Our GREEN Story

Whether by product selection or operational procedures, we at MDC are deeply committed to taking proactive care of our environment. Our passion, one that we share with many of our clients, is such that mere adherence to established laws, policies and regulations does not satisfy us. Rather, we strive to create a culture of consistent and pervasive improvement, from product manufacturing all the way to installation clean-up (and everything in between.)

Our initiatives include:

  • Provision of Environmentally Preferred Products from the most responsible of manufacturers
  • Distribution of products that meet the NSF/ANSI 342 standard for environmentally preferable wallcovering products
  • Implementation of recycling systems for both pre- and post-consumer waste
  • Reductions in energy and water consumption as a result of our internal day-to-day operations

“This is not a checklist, this is our ongoing initiative to continually expand upon our current goals and by doing so, deepen our environmental commitment.” – MDC Corporate Green Initiative

Wallcovering 101

Custom Wallcoverings

Custom Design Process

From a simple custom color to a design vision brought to life, MDC's Custom Design Program is simple and straightforward. Custom wallcoverings provide an exciting and unique interior design environment free from any color, design, or image limitations.


There are several types of wallcovering adhesives, each formulated for specific performance characteristics.  Some adhesives are formulated for light-weight and delicate fabrics while others are designed to adhere heavy-weight vinyl and acoustical wallcoverings.


MDC warrants all the products it sell against manufacturer defects.  All wallcovering materials, when adhered to a sound surface using manufacturer’s recommended procedures and adhesive, shall be guaranteed for a period of five (5) years.

Mold and Mildew

Mold / Mildew

Although the occurrence of mold and mildew cannot be eliminated, measures can be taken to reduce the risk. The permeability of vinyl wallcoverings can be increased through micro perforation which will allow more water vapor to pass through compared to a non perforated wallcovering.

Pattern Matches

How patterns come together to create a design is one of the most important elements to understanding wallcoverings. The vertical repeat is the distance between one point on the pattern to the identical point vertically. This pattern repeat is an integral part of the design.

Market Segments


Corporate interiors need to make a positive impression since the way a workplace looks affects productivity and morale. MDC offers the broadest range of wallcoverings to the corporate market.


MDC understands the need for high performing, easy to maintain interior finishes. Our wide range of products are suitable for multiple functional needs; dry erase surfaces, sound absorbing acoustical, heavy duty vinyl, high performance paints, and bulletin board cork.


MDC is a leading global source for contract wallcoverings, coatings and specialty wall products. MDC is uniquely suited to meet the design needs of any building environment while blending value, aesthetics, safety, and the ease of maintenance.


As a leading supplier of wallcoverings to the healthcare market, MDC understands the importance of creating a healthcare facility that is a healing environment for both patients and staff.


MDC understands that the hospitality market is a fast-paced industry where critical value is placed on budgets, aesthetics, service and response. MDC consistently offers design solutions that are responsive to these objectives.

National Accounts

MDC understands the importance of ensuring the consistency, integrity, and affordability of corporate and franchised locations. MDC has a long standing proven track record of providing cost savings and value added services to our national partners.

Retail Planning

MDC understands the importance of creating a strong brand identity. Flexibility and responsiveness are so critical to store planning that MDC developed a Retail Branding program dedicated to helping you create an exciting and unique interior environment.


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