Help MDC reduce the environmental impact that wallcoverings can have on the earth by returning your samples to us.  Since we are the Trusted Source for Design Solutions, you can rely on us to not only provide you with your requested samples in a timely manner, but to also find a purpose for your recycled samples once you’re finished with them.

Before returning samples, we recommend considering donating them to any groups in your area that may benefit from using them, i.e. Girl Scout troops, elementary schools, etc. Please keep in mind that for individual requests the use of fossil fuels to return the samples may exceed the benefit of reclaiming them for redistribution.  We ask that you take that into consideration prior to requesting a return label.

If you would prefer to return the samples to MDC, please click here to send us an email and we will generate a shipping label and email it to you by the next business day, free of charge.   Please ship these via UPS (US and Canada only).

You may be wondering what happens to these samples once we receive them.  All samples returned to MDC will be sorted.  All recyclable samples will be recycled correctly, and the remainder will be donated to ZeroLandfill Chicago for educators and artists.   Our objectives are to prevent old wallcoverings from residing in landfills, to reduce the amount of waste leaving the building, and increase the amount of waste diverted from landfills into recycling processes.

Thank you for working together with MDC to help reduce the environmental impact that wallcoverings can impose. 

If you have any questions, please contact MDC Customer Service at 1-800-621-4006.


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