Dimension Walls Bamboo Etched Silver | DWP5731


SKU: DWP5731
Content: High Impact Thermoplastic
Panel Size: 4' x 8'
Weight: 8 lbs per sheet
Abrasion Resistance: Hoffman Scratch Test 700 grams
Solvent Resistance: 50 MEK
Heat Resistance: Up to 140 degrees
Fire Rating: Class A
UV Stability: > 200 hours
Flame Spread: 25
Smoke Developed: 125


Dimension Walls Binder Spine

This item is also available in 4'x10' panel size as DWP5731XL

  • Features
  • Available in 40 standard colors with a 2 sheet minimum.
    Custom colors available with an 80 sheet minimum.
    Please contact MDC for custom designs.
  • Trim molding is available to finish edges for select finishes.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Section 097216