Candice Olson Couture Glimmer Sandstone | MCO1705


Colors Available:


SKU: MCO1705
Content: Fabric-backed Vinyl
Width: 54"
Weight (oz/lyd): 20
Weight (oz/sqyd): 13.33
Type: Type II
Backing: Non-woven
Pattern Match: Random reversible
Fire Rating: Class A
Flame Spread: 25
Smoke Developed: 35


Candice Olson Couture Binder Spine

Pin points of light on a linen textured field elevate the usual to a rarified status. The tiny metallic bits are so subtle on the neutral shades, including Heather, a frosty purple with gold, or Jade, a misty blue/green with silver, and seven more glimmering colors.

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This item is also available 27" wide as MCO1705N

  • Environmental Attributes
  • NSF 342
  • Contains Recycled Content
  • CA 01350
  • Features
  • Contains 7% Post-consumer recycled content