As an immersive photographer, Larry Emerson is a master at seeing what most of us overlook. His keen eye and vibrant color sense beautifully highlight the details of any environment. In addition to offering a large selection of existing high-resolution environmental photography. Emerson is often commissioned to go on location to develop a custom portfolio of photographic artwork specific to a select locale or region. Working seamlessly with art consultants, interior designers, and architects, Emerson’s artwork has been incorporated in large-format prints, murals and wallcoverings within healthcare, hospitality and corporate environments.

Evidence-based Design research shows that calming nature images work best in healthcare settings. That is what Henry Domke aims for with over 7,000 images of streams, woodlands, fields, flowers, trees and birds. Henry’s nature images reveal the beauty of life around us. His work is widely known and used by interior designers, architects, art consultants and other healthcare art specifiers. As an artist and author, he is considered an authority on the use of nature art in healthcare and has been featured in several industry publications. Although his art covers many different landscapes across the country, Henry finds much of his inspiration in nature close to home at the Prairie Garden Trust, a public nature garden that his work helps to support in central Missouri. Each of the images on his website are rated by how big they will go. Over 600 are rated as going up to 30-feet wide.


Julia Blaukopf

Julia Blaukopf is a photographer, artist and designer. She focuses on narrative with a social bent using photographs and mixed media works. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark; and nationally in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Portland, Oregon. Julia is passionate about women’s empowerment through art, and has worked with initiatives around the world that aid female entrepreneurs in supporting their families through their own business ventures. She has photographed for women’s empowerment organizations in Ghana and Panama, a reforestation project in Kenya, and collaborated with artists and organizations alike in Europe, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. In 2010, she launched Fotografica, LLC, a business that reenvisions the possibilities for social art and photography through photo-based installations on wall-vinyl, zintra, and glass. This work has been commissioned for restaurants, private homes, and corporate spaces throughout major cities along the east coast.

For over 20 years Panoramic Images has provided the creative community with compelling large-format images of skylines, scenics and international destinations. They exclusively represent the works of over 250 professional photographers, adding over 500-1000 new images per month. Panoramic Images starts with large format original film, or extremely high resolution stitched pro digital camera files, to provide much high resolution files. Fast professional in-house re-scanning from large format original transparencies delivers great big, very sharp files. An excellent source for large/long murals.

PNW based photographer Pam Bolig, has long had a fascination with the observation of light and its entrancing interplay with the world around it. As a professional Architect for over 27 years with an eye and soul for design, the camera became a natural extension of Pam’s unique way of seeing and interpreting the elemental world, offering a perspective of artistry often unseen by the naked eye. From her perspective, the lens captures the beauty that exists beyond a singular moment and expands it into a fresh experience in print and on large scale wall murals. Pam’s fine art focuses in the world of macro photography, creating and transforming images of the natural world around her as well as everyday objects such as a wine bottle shot in her home studio. Through harnessing the effects of direct natural light refracting through objects and challenging the camera’s abilities, she captures images straight from the camera that honor her intention to search within and share an unseen and expected world. The dynamic yet meditative qualities of her abstract work invite the viewer to be present and to draw from it a sense of wonder and peace. Her work has been featured at local PNW Galleries and installed as large-scale wall murals in Commercial projects in the region. She loves bringing her design eye to each installation to find the perfect fit for the environment and the client.

These are just a few of the hundreds of websites MDC has access to and can assist in curation. We offer a variety of rights managed and royalty free images that include photo images, illustrations and vector files. Pricing varies with image license type and usage. With over 20 years of experience designing and implementing digital design solutions, there’s not much we haven’t seen. Our support team will partner with you from concept to installation to ensure success. For more information contact us at