Acoustic Solutions

Mitigate noise without sacrificing style.

Acoustic Solutions absorb internal and external sound influences reducing the noise level in a room. People feel more comfortable in the environment, are able to converse freely, experience better speech intelligibility and don’t have to fight to be heard. Acoustic Solutions are available in a range of colors and applications sure to enhance your space.


with an NRC of 0.45 - 0.95

for walls, ceilings, and dividers
your space with style and function

and improve well-being

Mitigate the noise without sacrificing on style. Available in an array of colors, these durable, versatile, cost-effective treatments are pretty, and pretty practical.

These high performance quality woven fabrics offer outstanding durability and sound reduction in addition to their aesthetic characteristics, making them ideal for high traffic areas. Available in a range of options to enhance your space: Panels, Blades, Digital, Textures, Patterns, Baffles, Clouds, Desk Solutions, Concertina Screens.

  • SHEETS: Cost effective sound absorbing solution. Zintra® Acoustic ½” Panels is the perfect solution for your application where sound reduction as well as aesthetics are required. Zintra’s® wide range of colors and ease of use make it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality, educational and institutional projects.
  • DIGITAL PRINT: Cost effective sound solution with unlimited design flexibility. Ideal for reinforcing branding and corporate identity. Zintra® Acoustic Digital Print combines the performance of a cost effective, sound absorbing solution with digital printing to create a graphic of your choice. Zintra® Acoustic ½” can be digitally printed to provide that extra creative element to your project.
  • TEXTURE PANELS: Uniquely designed sound solution. Zintra® Acoustic Textures subtle three-dimensional relief creates dimension and acoustic refraction within your space, making them ideal for noisy, public spaces where good acoustic quality and aesthetics are required. Our wide range of designs and colors work easily in classic or modern settings.
  • PATTERNS: Creates a unique texture and look for walls, dividers, or ceilings. Experience our range of classic to contemporary design patterns cut out of Zintra®. Whether it is the Zintra® pattern layer only or the Zintra® pattern on a matching or contrasting solid Zintra® Panel as the backer, it will create a unique look for walls, dividers, or ceilings.
  • Experience our range of classic to contemporary design patterns cut out of Zintra®. Whether it is the Zintra® pattern layer only or the Zintra® pattern on a matching or contrasting solid Zintra® Panel as the backer, it will create a unique look for walls, dividers, or ceilings.
  • BAFFLES: Creates a unique texture and aesthetic for ceilings. The Zintra® Acoustic Baffle Systems are an easy to install replacement to standard ceiling tile systems. Zintra® Acoustic Baffles are an aesthetically pleasing and high performance ceiling solution that provides exceptional noise reduction. Zintra® Acoustic Baffles are ideally suited for large noisy spaces in education, institutional, retail, restaurants and airport projects.
  • CLOUDS: Cost effective, easy to assemble, attention grabbing acoustic solution. Reduce the irritating reverberation of sound with Zintra™ Acoustic Clouds. These pre-fabricated Zintra™ Acoustic 1/2" pieces are quickly and easily assembled on-site, then the shape is suspended from the ceiling substrate. Zintra™ Acoustic Clouds provide attention grabbing three-dimensional texture that is easily installed, as well as the practical benefit of effective noise reduction.
  • BLADES: Mix and match blade color and shape to create custom designs for walls. Zintra™ Acoustic Blades are a range of pre-fabricated, wall mounted systems that showcase Zintra’s unique, rigid, yet flexible characteristics. Combining aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance, these systems are supplied ready to install with minimal fuss. The increased surface area of the vertical blades presented to the room results in a greater absorption of sound compared to flat panels.
  • DESKING: The three products; Desk Divider, Desk Modesty Panel and Desk Screen are crafted from Zintra Acoustic ½ Panels providing acoustic and aesthetic appeal in a range of colors and designs. They are available in a variety of versatile sizes and configurations to allow easy tailoring to your specific environment needs. They accommodate all desk thicknesses from 3/8" – 1 ½" and can be temporarily or permanently fixed depending upon the individual needs of the project.
  • CONCERTINA SCREENS: Lightweight, portable partition solution. Concertina screens are a new way to take full advantage of MDC’s Zintra ½” Acoustic Panel. Zintra Concertina utilizes plain or Zintra on Zintra panels connected with flexible straps to form a lightweight, portable partition solution and is also available with a stand. No assembly is required, just stand it up and adjust the angles to suit. When it’s no longer needed simply fold flat and store away.