Dry Erase

Creativity and collaboration.

MDC is "The Trusted Source" for Dry Erase Solutions


  • Convert nearly any surface into a center for creativity and collaboration
  • Effortlessly applies across multiple surfaces: walls, columns, existing chalkboards (or any smooth surface!)
  • Option for white or clear covering
  • Easy to install, highly chemical and stain resistant, and backed by the most experienced sales & support teams in the industry
  • One application of dry erase paint from MDC turns even the most ancient of chalkboards into a modern-day teaching tool that makes the smart board look like a seriously overpriced investment.
  • Create a dust-free, allergen-free environment. No more chalk!
  • FUZE gives you the functionality of a white board without the expense of actually installing one
  • Create a floor-to-ceiling brainstorm board that helps promote the free flow of ideas in an atmosphere of boundless creativity.
  • The board cleans easily with the swipe of a dry cloth, and there are no residual images left behind


  • Modernize functional spaces with MDC Glass
  • Clean, sophisticated take on the standard communication board lends a fresh, current feel to any space
  • Lifetime Surface Warranty.
  • Our tempered safety glass is four-to-five times stronger than regular glass.
  • MDC Glass is available in a variety of colors ranging from clear to completely opaque bright white to an array of different tints and hues
  • Our product specialists will partner with you to adjust the size, shape and color of your MDC Glass. We’ll also help you add logos and other custom graphics that can be made to be permanent or removable and/or changeable.


  • Ease of installation
  • Uniform surface
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance

Applications for Dry Erase Solutions:


  • Classrooms – installed over chalkboard
  • Libraries, music rooms, locker rooms
  • Cafeteria, menu boards, kitchen
  • Student centers, huddle rooms, dormitories


  • Conference rooms
  • Training Centers
  • Creative departments
  • Board rooms
  • Private offices
  • Cafeteria


  • Nurses stations
  • Patient rooms
  • Doctor offices
  • Cafeterias
  • Waiting rooms