Natural Silk II Kersta


Colors Available:


SKU: MNS3507
Contents: 85% Silk, 15% Recycled Polyester; plain woven and yarn dyed
Width: Approx. 110 cm / 43 in
Weight (oz/lyd): Approx. 8.5 oz/lyd
Backing: Paper backing of 70% woodpulp reinforced with 30% polyester
Finish: A stain repellent finish prevents waterbased splashes penetrating and staining the material
Fire Rating: ASTM E84 Class A
Random, pattern can not be matched. Non-reverse. Use a rubber roller instead of a spatula. Precision trimmed for butt-joining


Natural Silk II Binder Spine

This collection is meticulously designed to provide both visual and tactile richness, telling a story of quiet elegance. Offering a high-end feel that invites you to linger, the Natural Silk II collection boasts a diverse palette of colors, sumptuous textures, and captivating patterns.