Design Gallery Inspired Art Mad Gab Chess Play | MDD3140


Colors Available:


SKU: MDD3140
Content: Fabric-backed Vinyl
Width: 54"
Weight (oz/lyd): 20
Weight (oz/sqyd): 13.33
Type: Type II
Backing: Non-woven
Pattern Match: Random Reversible
Fire Rating: Class A
Flame Spread: 25
Smoke Developed: 35


Design Gallery Inspired Art Binder Spine

The texture of this wallcovering looks like fine cloth. The faux weave is defined by minimally contrasting colors then, left to right, up and down, thready lines intersect forming random rectangles that add to the illusion of fabric. Thirteen diverse colors are available; among them Space Hulk, a pale yellow/green with tan, and Wild Card, a rich tomato red with dark grey.

This item is also available 27" wide as MDD3140N

  • Environmental Attributes
  • NSF 342
  • Contains Recycled Content
  • CA 01350
  • Features
  • Contains 7% Post-consumer recycled content