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Panel Size: 4 FT x 8 FT
Architectural Metals Highlights
What are Architectural Metals?

A collection of High Pressure Laminates with a thin metal surface and phenolic paper backing. These HPLs can be used for interior applications like wallcoverings, wall panels, and ceilings.

What is Phenolic paper backing?

Penolic paper backing is layers of impregnated Kraft paper bonded together.

Is phenolic paper backed metal better than unbacked metal?

In many ways, phenolic paper backed metal is superior to unbacked items. The phenolic paper backing helps protect the laminate from being dented and damaged in shipping and fabricating (it does not make the product totally resistant to damage, so the fabricator still needs to take care). Phenolic paper backed metal is also easier on router bits and saw blades, so the fabricator should get more life out of these tools using the phenolic paper backed laminate.

What is the difference between MDC Architectural Metals and other similar, competitive metal lines?

The main difference is the choice and variety of items that the MDC line offers. Other competitors specialize in standard melamine HPLs, whereas we focus solely on the metal market. The phenolic paper-backed HPLs are all made the same way and fabricated with the same standard tools. There is more of a difference when compared to some of the unbacked metals. A lot of these items do not have a phenolic paper backing. This makes the items a little more difficult to fabricate and a little harder on fabricators’ tools.

How can Architectural Metal be used in my project?

Recommended for vertical use. Claddings for walls or ceilings, doors or frames, furniture, and displays are just a few examples of areas for installation.

How about size and thickness?

Thickness is approximately .035" with the exception of Hand Painted and stainless steel, which are .040" thick. Polished aluminum surfaces are anodized. Brushed aluminum and copper surfaces are lacquered. Sheet size is 4' x 8'.

How is Architectural Metal fabricated?

Fabricated with the same tools used on any high pressure decorative laminate and bonded to the same type of substrates commonly used in the trade. Special care must be taken to avoid denting the surface with tools or scratching the surface with particles of metal. Carbide-tipped blades and bits are recommended. Dull blades will generate heat and scorch metal.

How are the sheets shipped?

Architectural Metals can be shipped via truck, wooden crates, or rolled for courier shipment, depending on the pattern and size of the order. It is recommended that soon after receipt the sheets should be removed from the container and stored flat so excessive roll set does not take place.

Is there any special treatment required before or after fabrication to ensure longevity of the product?

Anodization produces a hard surface that will not tarnish and has the high abrasion resistance of aluminum. All products are covered with a clear, peel-off mask to protect the finish. This mask should be left on during fabrication to avoid marring the surface.

How should Architectural Metal be stored?

It is important to store the product flat and not on edge, as storing on edge can cause the sheet to bow after some time. Metal laminates should be stored face up in a cool, dry area and in a completely supported flat position. Use a top sheet of chipboard or similar material to hold stored sheets flat.

What type of adhesive is recommended?

Aluminum, Copper, and Hand Painted (Phenolic backed) - Any contact cement or cold-set adhesive normally used with decorative laminates is suitable. Avoid adhesive spreading or setup on metallic surface. USE ONLY NAPHTHA OR BENZINE IN ADHESIVE CLEANUP – do not use lacquer solvents or other adhesive solvents, which attack lacquer coatings.

Art Metals (unbacked) - Use Titebond FastGrab Advanced Polymer Panel Adhesive for all primed, painted or suspected non-porous surfaces. Avoid adhesive spreading or setup on metallic surface.

How should metal sheets be cleaned?

Make sure that the cleaning agent used is compatible with either our anodized or lacquered products prior to use. Clean surfaces with a soft cloth using household cleaner - waxes, Windex-type solutions, or ordinary soap and water. Good furniture or automobile waxes provide additional protection for all metal laminate surfaces.

Are there any precautions to consider when handling the product?

Metal laminates will conduct electricity and can cause shocks or short circuits when in contact with ungrounded electrical circuits. This product is laminated aluminum, copper, or stainless steel of the highest quality and brilliance. Slight surface imperfections are normal. PLEASE INSPECT CAREFULLY PRIOR TO USE to ensure the material is suitable for your needs.

Is counterbalancing necessary?

Counterbalancing is necessary as with other High Pressure Laminates to prevent warping of the substrate like wallcoverings, wall panels, ceilings and surfaces.

Is there an option where counterbalancing isn't required?

Yes! The Artful Metals Collection is available on a variety of 4' x 8' unbacked metal substrates. Our unbacked metals are easy-to-install with no counterbalancing required and can be applied directly to drywall.

The Art Metals designs have such a variety of unbacked metal substrates to choose from. How do I know which substrate to use for my project?

Already know what substrate you want? Great! If not, no worries! Please talk with us about your project and we can help you. Keep in mind that your choice of substrate plays a very critical role in image quality, as well as the look and feel that you want for your project. We can help you find what works best for you.