Accent Furniture Accent Furniture Mirrored Pedestal Table - small

Accent Furniture Mirrored Pedestal Table - small SKU: MHE11184

Description: This mirrored pedestal table features a mirrored open frame body with mirrored top surface. Each mirrored panel has a small bevel that adds to the table's style and beauty. Every surface is mirrored allowing for the most amazing reflections of light and color. Pair this with the large sized table for a great display in your home. This mirrored pedestal will look great in an entryway, hallway, living room or any place you need a pedestal!


ITEM: MHE11184
Height: 28H
Material: Wood / Glass
Width: 12W
Shape: Square
Weight: 40 LBS
Finish: Mirror
Package Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 32



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