Mirrors Mirrors Alberto Gio Salvaged Metal Bronzed Mirror

Mirrors Alberto Gio Salvaged Metal Bronzed Mirror SKU: MHE170030

Description: This mirror boasts a metal frame that captures the essence of autumn leaves, with intricate detailing that mimics the delicate and organic shapes of fall foliage. The rough-cut edge adds a touch of rugged elegance, infusing the mirror with character and individuality. Versatile in both design and function, this mirror can be hung either horizontally or vertically, allowing you to customize its orientation to suit your decor preferences. Whether adorning your living room, hallway, or bedroom this mirror invites the beauty of the changing seasons into your home, creating a captivating focal point that transcends conventional design boundaries and adds a touch of natural wonder to your living space.


ITEM: MHE170030
Height: 40H
Material: Metal
Width: 30W
Shape: Rectangle
Weight: 21.5 LBS
Finish: Textured
Package Dimensions: 3



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