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Mirrors Skoda Mirror SKU: MHE190006

Description: The uniqueness of design and the mixture of materials are the two most valued elements that make up the Skoda table top mirror. The contemporary stainless steel framed mirror in a brushed brass finish is resting perfectly into a vertical mango wood stand. As the vertical stand extends upward to hold the mirror additional stainless steel elements were used to tie together the wood and metal. To complete the design we added a black polished marble base that holds the balance together for this unique one of a kind Skoda mirror.


ITEM: MHE190006
Height: 28.5H
Material: Mirror/Wood/Marble/Stainless Steel
Width: 18W
Shape: Unique
Weight: 18 LBS
Finish: Brushed/Wood Grain
Package Dimensions: 21X10X31



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