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Wall Art A' La Mode SKU: MHE92400

Description: This rectangular masterpiece is a visual symphony of colors and textures, offering a captivating visual experience that celebrates the art of mixed media. With its textured surface, paint drips, and flecks of color that dance across the canvas, this artwork becomes a dynamic and expressive piece that captures the essence of contemporary art. Framed in silver, it gains an air of sophistication that elevates its overall aesthetic. Whether it graces your living room, dining area, or any space where you seek to infuse a sense of creativity and visual intrigue, our textured mixed-media artwork is a reflection of your appreciation for the beauty that emerges when different artistic elements merge together seamlessly.


ITEM: MHE92400
Height: 74H
Material: Canvas+Wood
Width: 41.1/2W
Shape: Rectangle
Finish: Hand Finished
Package Dimensions: 5



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