Candice Olson Couture Montage Meringue | MCO1925


Colors Available:


SKU: MCO1925
Content: Fabric-backed Vinyl
Width: 54"
Weight (oz/lyd): 20
Weight (oz/sqyd): 13.33
Type: Type II
Backing: Osnaburg
Pattern Match: Random reversible
Fire Rating: Class A
Flame Spread: 20
Smoke Developed: 20


Candice Olson Couture Binder Spine

Tiny irregular squares, a quarter inch in size, are piled chock-a-block like miniature tiles one upon the other. The pronounced texture of this delightful geometric wallcovering is enhanced by the metallic sheen of the finish which reflects the light. The baker’s dozen colors include Orchid, a lovely grey tinged purple, and Mist, the magical color of wave tossed sea glass.

This item is also available 27" wide as MCO1925N

  • Environmental Attributes
  • NSF 342
  • Contains Recycled Content
  • CA 01350
  • Features
  • Contains 7% Post-consumer recycled content