Thom Filicia Abalone Verde | TFC1178


Colors Available:


SKU: TFC1178
Content: Non-woven backed Mylar
Width: Arrives at 52”; 50.5” after trimming
Weight (oz/lyd): 20
Weight (oz/sqyd): 13.33
Type: Type II
Backing: Non-woven
Pattern Match: Random reversible
Fire Rating: Class A
Flame Spread: 25
Smoke Developed: 100


Thom Filicia Binder Spine

“Distinctly Dynamic & Uniquely Personalized”
Like breaking open a geode, Abalone is full of surprising patterns and illuminating color. The use of Mylar adds a note of eye-catching sophistication, and the result is a subtly metallic masterpiece. Among the seven earthy pallets is Verde, with shiny silver and brilliant turquoise, and Lava, in fiery tones of reds, oranges and gold.