In another effort to achieve our sustainability goals, we are proud to participate in UPS’ carbon-neutral packing and shipping program . Through this UPS program, we’re able to calculate and offset the climate impact of the carbon dioxide emissions that result from shipping product samples. MDC purchases carbon offsets that support a variety of forestry and clean water initiatives. So when you order a sample from MDC, you’re helping us make the world a little greener.

We strive to continually improve all lifecycle elements of our products: creation, transport, installation and eventual replenishment into the lifecycle stream. We will coordinate with each manufacturer to first identify and then improve the best practice methods and environmental impact of each phase.

MDC is not quiet about this desire. Our internal improvements are brought forth through the ongoing commitment of our employees and all other critical stakeholders. External sourcing is scrutinized and evaluated on a constant basis. No aspect of our business will escape this environmental review. This is not a checklist, this is our ongoing initiative to continually expand upon our current goals and by doing so, deepen our environmental commitment.

Carbon Neutral Certification