The MDC Reclamation Program is our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint and building a more sustainable world. Through this program, MDC will reclaim vinyl wallcovering for recycling into new building materials. Our objective is to divert end of life wallcovering from entering landfill.

Participation may contribute to LEED Credits in the following category:

    MR 2 Construction Waste Management
    2.1-50% of waste from a construction site to be diverted from landfill or incineratiom.
    2.2—7 of waste diverted.

Customer contacts MDC to ensure the materials are able to safely recycle into new materials. Once evaluated MDC will respond with approval for the material to be returned. Wallcovering retrieved through the MDC Reclamation program must be replaced by an order for new wallcovering in a quantity comparable to the material being returned.

1. Submit pre approved vinyl wallcovering only
2. Remove all construction debris prior to shipping
3. Do not include any material containing mold or mildew
4. Include any trim, scrap or overages remaining

1. Wallcovering must not exhibit visible signs of mold, mildew or other contaminants
2. Stack 6-10 sheets and roll into a large roll.
3. Place material into MDC provided shipping bags, secure, and apply return label
4. Quantities greater than 500 yards may require alternative packaging

MDC will direct shipment to proper recycling center based on approval. To begin the process click here to begin the process.