Traditional Traditional Tripoli Mirror

Traditional Tripoli Mirror SKU: MHE8392

Description: Tripoli is a lovely hinged vanity mirror. There is a central rectangular mirror with 2 "door" mirrors. Each section is trimmed with a mirrored border. Each mirrored section of the border has a small bevel adding to its style and beauty. This piece is a table top mirror and cannot be hung. Perfect to be used on a vanity or desk.


Material: Glass & Wood
Finish: Mirrored
Outer Dimensions: 30.1/2"w x 7/8"d x 21.1/4"h
Inner Dimensions: center mirror: 12.7/8"w x 18.7/8"h | side mirrors: 5.1/8"w x 18.7/8"h
Package Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 4
Country of Origin: CHINA



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