Wall Art Wall Art French Blush Anemone Bouquet

Wall Art French Blush Anemone Bouquet SKU: MHE92405

Description: One morning while walking through the local farmers market, I happened to come across a gorgeous bounty of freshly cut peach colored anemone bouquets. Since these are one of my most favorite flowers, I snatched up several bouquets and headed home. After a few days the blossoms started to fade so I thought it would be a perfect time to create the work entitled French Blush Anemone Bouquet. Now these little flowers can last all year round.


ITEM: MHE92405
Height: 73.3/4H
Material: Canvas / Wood
Width: 41.3/4W
Shape: Rectangle
Weight: 10 LBS
Finish: Hand Finished
Package Dimensions: 79X47X4.5



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