FRP Partitions

FRP Partitions

FRP mobile partitions specifically designed to support social distancing and disinfecting standards to promote safer environments.

These durable and mobile partitions provide stylish solutions that compliment and enhance any space. Create protective barriers between workspaces, healthcare facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, and more.

Safer Environments

  • Standard overall size: 60" high x 48" wide FRP insert sizes; 32" x 48" or 48" x 48"
  • Quality Craftsmanship Aluminum frames and translucent FRP (.060" thickness)
  • Specify from over 100 stocked designs
  • Custom art and branding capabilities
  • High abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Stain, chemical, and fingerprint resistant
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Ideal for retrofitting existing spaces
  • Made in the USA
FRP Partitions are easily adaptable to fluctuating social distancing requirements and offer a compelling value proposition over other materials. FRP Partitions hold the following, long-term qualities:
Durability & Strength

Durability & Strength

FRP partitions have a superior scratch and impact resistance surface.

Competitive Price Point

Competitive Price Point

FRP is less expensive than alternative materials and its longevity pays for itself over time.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

FRP partitions won’t be negatively impacted by cleaning or disinfecting products.


Select from our standard offering of FRP partitions or customize imagery and sizing to meet the needs of any project. Contact MDC Digital Studio at 847.437.4000 for additional assistance.

32x48 Overall Size: 60" high x 48" wide
FRP insert: 32" x 48"
48x48 Overall Size: 60" high x 48" wide
FRP insert: 48" x 48"


  • Barcol Hardness - ASTM D-2538 40
  • Notched Izod Impact Resistance (ft-lbs/in) - ASTM D-256 7.0
  • Thermal Coefficient of Lineal Expansion (in/in/F) - ASTM D-696 0.0000160
  • Water Absorption (%) - ASTM D-570 0.17
  • Specific Gravity - ASTM D-792 1.53
  • Abrasion - NEMA LD3-2005 9,150 cycles

Contact MDC Customer Care at 800-621-4006 for custom requests.