Creating spaces for learning that foster creativity, improve focus, and enhance the learning experience while exceeding health and safety requirements


MDC understands the importance of creating a learning environment that inspires both students and faculty. Studies have proven that the selections of certain interior finishes can accelerate the learning process.

Interior designers in this field realize the right colors and patterns have the ability to deinstitutionalize educational facilities and balance their design concepts with the unique functional requirements of these environments.


Noise has detrimental effects upon students' performance at school, including reduced memory, motivation, and reading ability. These distractions are known to cause annoyance, irritation and fatigue. Reducing noise fosters learning and creativity.

Zintra Acoustic Solutions offer a variety of design options that provide exceptional noise reduction without compromising design aesthetics.

Zintra Acoustic Attributes

Noise Reduction Acoustic NRC ratings of 0.45 - 0.95

Safety Disinfect with 10% bleach / 90% water solution in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC

Low VOCs Indoor Air Quality provides improved environments for learning

Versatile Wide array of wall, ceiling, and social distancing solutions

Repellency 100% Polyester. Zintra does not absorb any moisture or odors

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Add a safe division to educational spaces with our selection of social distancing options - ranging from benching units, desk dividers, sliding screens, and freestanding units.

Each available in a series of colors, shapes, and sizes, these acoustic dividers offer students an elevated sense of separation and privacy. For added safety, each of these space dividing solutions meets CDC requirements for disinfecting in educational facilities.

Social Distancing Attributes

Versatile Easy to reconfigure, these acoustic systems provide division of space

Toolless Assembly Engineered for ease of assembly on-site, without any tools

Noise Reduction Acoustic NRC ratings of 0.65 - 0.95

Safety Disinfect with 10% bleach / 90% water solution in accordance with the CDC

LOW VOC'S Indoor Air Quality provides improved environments for learning

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Designers looking to transform spaces and provide a creative environment need to look no further than MDC digital design solutions to inspire and engage students.

Our in house design consultants and cutting-edge fabrication enables you to make your design statement without sacrificing health and safety. Available in a multitude of substrates - MDC Digital Studio can meet your design, performance, and budget needs.

Digital Studio Attributes

Aesthetics Unlimited customization with the most comprehensive suite of digital design capabilities.

Durability High impact, chemical and stain resistance with digital FRP.

Versatile Wide variety of substrates to provide options throughout the facility.

Safety Easy to clean and disinfect with hospital grade cleaners.

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Duratec flexible wall protection has the aesthetics of a wallcovering and the performance features of rigid panels. Duratec is engineered to withstand scuffs, chemicals, and collision impact without showing visible signs of wear and tear. Ideal for use in your highest abuse areas.

Duratec Wall Protection Attributes

Durability High impact, chemical, and stain resistance

Aesthetics Available in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors, as well as digital selections, so your space will always look as beautiful as it is strong.

Flexible Lightweight and flexible, Duratec can be installed on curved surfaces, floor to ceiling walls or railroaded under trim for 60' of seamless wall protection.

Impact Resistant Provides the aesthetics of a decorative wallcoverings with the strength and durability of rigid sheets

Safety Easy to clean and disinfect with hospital grade cleaners. Meets CDC guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in education spaces.

MDC’s Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels are expertly engineered to not only withstand wet environments, but also those environments exposed to higher rates of collision impact. Completely washable, wipeable, and easy to clean & disinfect, our panels promise low maintenance paired with high style.

Digital FRP Attributes

Safety Easy to clean and disinfect with hospital grade cleaners. Meets CDC guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in education spaces.

Aesthetics Clear or white FRP sheets with a selection of over 100 existing designs as well as custom capabilities.

Durability Extremely durable. Stain, abrasion, and impact resistance make digital FRP the ideal wall protection solution for high traffic areas.

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Textured, decorative, impact resistant, wall and ceiling panels add visual interest combined with disinfecting and ease of maintenance within your education space

Dimension Walls panels are available in an endless array of textures and colors. Panels can be applied to flat or curved surfaces, walls, columns, ceilings, and more. Lower-profile textures in solid colors provide maximum durability for high traffic areas.

Dimension Walls Attributes

Durability Impact, chemical, & stain resistant

Safety Easy to clean and disinfect with hospital grade cleaners

Aesthetics Thousands of combinations of finish, color, and texture

Flexible Lightweight and flexible for ease of shipping, handing, and installation

Impact Resistant Low profile textures in solid colors can withstand repeated contact and abrasion in heavy traffic areas.

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Modernize Learning Spaces. Glass boards provide a clean, sophisticated take on the standard communication board lending a fresh, current feel to any space.

Dry Erase Glass Attributes

Guarantee Lifetime warranty on the highest performing dry erase surface

Durability MDC Tempered Glass is over four times stronger than traditional glass boards

Aesthetics Available in 8 colors across numerous standard board sizes as custom sizes as well and shapes

Versatile Steel backing option allows for dual use as a dry erase & magnetic surface

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Limitless possibilities for collaborative communication. MDC dry erase wallcoverings install horizontally to cover walls, columns, curved surfaces and more.

Dry Erase Wallcovering Attributes

Versatile Available in standard, low gloss, magnetic and projection dry erase options

ADA Compliant Apply floor to ceiling to maximize writing area

Functionality Smooth, consistent finish is ready to use as a writable surface immediately after installation

Durability High quality construction ensures the dry erase surface will not crack, peel, or experience decreased performance over time

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Convert nearly any surface into a center for creativity and collaboration with FUZE high performance, low VOC, low odor, dry erase paint.

Dry Erase Paint Attributes

Versatile Effortlessly applies over multiple smooth surfaces - walls, columns, chalkboards, wood, metal, and more

Low VOCs Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of less than 100 grams per liter

Aesthetics Available in white as well as a clear finish, suitable for application over colored paint, metal, wood, and more

Transform Apply FUZE over existing chalkboards to update surfaces to modern collaboration spaces

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Cork is a truly renewable resource, made from the regenerating bark of the oak tree. The unique qualities of cork make it not only a great tackable surface, but an effective acoustic and decorative wall finish as well.

Natural Cork Attributes

  • 100% natural cork, 1/4" thick
  • LEED Compliant MRc6 Rapidly Renewable Material
  • LEED Compliant MRc7 FSC Certified
  • Biodegradable

Linoleum Cork Wallcovering is the ideal material for pin boards, notice boards and all other surfaces where ideas and information are exchanged.

Linoleum Cork Attributes

  • All natural tackable solutions
  • Resilient and flexible
  • Hygienic and bacteriostatic
  • Long lasting, timeless and strong
  • Self Healing
  • Natural and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin


Width: 48”

Thickness: 48”

Roll Length: 1/4”

Backing: 90 lineal feet (approximate) Jute

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