MDC understands that the hospitality market is a fast-paced industry where critical value is placed on budgets, aesthetics, service and response. MDC consistently offers design solutions that are responsive to these objectives.

Our wallcoverings combine beautiful aesthetics with the quality, safety and ease of maintenance demanded by professionals in this field. In addition to a library of over 10,000 stocked designs, MDC offers a state of the art Design Studio to handle all custom needs. The focus of the studio is to create unique, one of a kind wallcovering - on time and on budget. Whether a differentiated treatment of an existing pattern or the culmination of your vision, we can easily manage your custom project from concept through to the execution of the finished product.

With the industry’s widest selection of product, MDC is the single source, total solution for all of your hospitality design needs.

  • Experience. MDC understands that it is more productive and morale lifting to use design in the corporate work environment.
  • Product Offering. Our wallcoverings combine beautiful aesthetics and the quality, safety and ease of maintenance required for corporate interiors.
  • Selection. Single Source, Total Solution…MDC offers products that can be specified for all areas of a property (i.e. corridors, guest rooms, guest bath, suites, ballrooms, conference centers, lobby’s, restaurant, etc.)
  • Pricing. As a major wallcovering source we have the ability to control costs.
  • National Programs. Developing programs to ensure the consistency and integrity of franchised hotels.
  • Custom Capabilities. With this program, custom wallcoverings can be developed within required lead times at price points that satisfy any budget requirement.
  • Durability. Products which resists scuff marks, staining and fading; an ability to perform in high traffic areas.
  • Maintenance. The superior ease with which our wallcoverings clean are enhanced by their resistance to soiling and scuffing.
  • Health. Products containing bacteria and mildew inhibitors to protect the products from microbiological, mildew growth, and odors.
  • Safety. MDC promoted to this market are Class A flame rated. Many products also have inherent fire-resistant properties, promoting safety.


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