As a leading supplier of wallcoverings to the healthcare market, MDC understands the importance of creating a healthcare facility that is a healing environment for both patients and staff.

Interior designers in this field realize the right colors and patterns have the power to de-institutionalize healthcare facilities and strive to balance their design goals with the unique physical demands of these environments (including durability, cleanliness, safety and ease of maintenance).

Our experienced sales force is trained in this area and can draw from the industry’s largest selection of wallcoverings to meet virtually any design need.

MDC Duratec Austere
  • Experience. MDC understands that it is more productive and morale lifting to use design in the corporate work environment.
  • Aesthetics. Products which de-institutionalize healthcare facilities such as senior living, nursing homes, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities.
  • Color. MDC understands the psychological importance of color in healthcare.
  • Health. Products containing bacteria and mildew inhibitors to protect the products from microbiological, mildew growth, and odors.
  • Air Quality. Products carrying the lowest VOC ratings in the industry. When VOC emissions are reduced, indoor air quality is improved.
  • Safety. MDC promoted to this market are Class A flame rated. Many products also have inherent fire-resistant properties, promoting safety.
  • Product Offering. Our wallcoverings combine beautiful aesthetics and the quality, safety and ease of maintenance required for corporate interiors.
  • Durability. Products which resists scuff marks, staining and fading; an ability to perform in high traffic areas.
  • Maintenance. The superior ease with which our wallcoverings clean are enhanced by their resistance to soiling and scuffing.


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