MDC is a leading global source for contract wallcoverings, coatings and specialty wall products. MDC is uniquely suited to meet the design needs of any building environment while blending value, aesthetics, safety, and the ease of maintenance.

For over fifty years MDC has demonstrated its vital importance as a leading resource to the facilities market. We stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest in wallcoverings. Our products reflect our commitment to providing selections that meet the need of your clients and provide cost effective solutions to enhance your space.

  • Durability. Our products resist scuff marks, staining and fading, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic educational facilities.
  • Maintenance. The superior ease with which our products are cleaned is enhanced by a resistance to soiling and scuffing.
  • Air Quality. MDC products carry the lowest VOC ratings in the industry. When VOC emissions are reduced, indoor air quality is improved.
  • Health. MDC products contain antimicrobial properties to protect from mildew and prevent odors. MDC also offers products that adhere to the CDC COVID-19 Disinfecting Methods for Community on Non-Porous Surfaces.
  • Safety. MDC products promoted to this market are Class A flame rated. Many products also have inherent fire-resistant properties, promoting safety, while essential items like desking screens allow for social distancing.


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