Vycon Contract Dash-ing Soft Sky | Y48017DA


Colors Available:

MDC has distribution rights for this product only in the following states — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.


SKU: Y48017DA
Content: Fabric-backed Vinyl
Width: 52"
Roll Length: 30 yards
Weight (oz/lyd): 20
Weight (oz/sqyd): 13.33
Type: Type II
Backing: Osnaburg
Scrub Cycles: 300
Repeat: 18" Vertical, 52" Horizontal
Pattern Match: Reversible pattern match
Fire Rating: Class A
Flame Spread: 20
Smoke Developed: 45
Tensile Strength: 50 warp/55 fill


Vycon Contract Binder Spine

The whimsically painted brushstrokes show the motion of the artist at work. Full of personality, Dash-ing will add vibrancy to your space in striking shades such as Red All Over or Burnished Gold. Colorways like White-out or Neutral are equally enticing and textural but offer a far more subtle effect.

  • Environmental Attributes
  • NSF 342
  • Recyclable
  • CA 01350
  • CHPS
  • Features
  • Heavy Metals Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Made in the USA